August 24, 2019

Ryan Pushes Back Against Gingrich’s “Suicide” Comment

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Joseph Lawler on 12.14.11 @ 12:14PM Rep. Paul Ryan tells Robert Costa that he’s not impressed by Newt Gingrich’s recommendation that Republicans avoid unpopular agenda items to avoid political “suicide”: Ryan, in an interview with National Review Online, says that he disagrees with Gingrich, and urges Republicans to […]

Beat Back Barack

There has been much talk lately about the need for the Republican presidential nominee to move to the center.  This is a mistake.  The only way to beat Barack Obama is to oppose him rigorously, relentlessly, and without remorse. This election needs a fiscal, foreign policy, and economic conservative.  The man to defeat Obama must […]

Get off Romney’s Back

Bad-mouthing Romney is like saying Ronald Reagan was a failure because he didn’t colonize China.  Romney is a conservative who will work well with a GOP Congress.  His flipflopedness is both on purpose and irrelevant.  Time to get off his back. Previously I wrote an article on American Thinker promoting the ticket of Romney and […]