June 22, 2021


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Barack Obama’s Terrorist Attack Cover-Up

It is astounding that what really happened in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 has been so thoroughly buried by the mainstream media. In an article from Reuters dated September 12, 2012, Alastair MacDonald reported that “U.S. troops dispatched by helicopter across the Libyan desert to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens and other diplomats in Benghazi […]

Was Obama’s Illegal War in Libya A Trial Run to Attack Israel?

Hey, Obama Lovers, now that our Ambassador is dead, our Benghazi consulate is a smoldering ruin, and its top secret documents have been snatched by Al Qaeda, do you still think your hero’s Libyan war is a smashing success? Because I sure do. Not from America’s point of view, of course; it’s a nightmare for […]

Prince Harry Moved to Secure Site During Attack on Camp Bastion

Via Herald Sun: PRINCE Harry was moved to a secure location during a deadly Taliban attack on Camp Bastion while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond admitted Prince Harry was moved to a guarded location when the attack occurred. “Clearly there are fall-back plans and I can’t go […]

Democratic Base Continues Attack on Children, Parents in Chicago

Via Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public School officials and striking teachers resume contract talks this morning with no sign of a breakthrough on key issues separating the two sides and keeping 350,000 students out of school. “There has not been as much movement as we would hope. There’s been — let’s put it this way — […]

Kabul Attack the Start of Taliban’s ‘Spring Offensive’

Via Reuters: Gunmen launched multiple attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday, assaulting Western embassies in the heavily guarded, central diplomatic area and at the parliament in the west. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the assault, one of the most serious on the capital since U.S.-backed Afghan forces removed the group from power in […]

Why Iran Thinks America Won’t Attack

Iranian agents have successfully infiltrated American think-tanks, universities, and our political system as part of a plot to keep the United States from attacking the Islamic regime as it continues to expand terrorism worldwide and pursue its nuclear weapons and missile programs. The infiltration goal is to mold American opinion and create doubt about the […]

Militants Fire on Afghan Delegation Visiting Scene of Attack

Via ABC News: An Afghan government delegation visiting one of the sites where a U.S. soldier is suspected of shooting and killing 16 civilians came under fire today. A member of the group’s security team died during the attack, according to the Associated Press, but it’s unclear whether anyone was injured. The group was inside […]

Koran Rage: 7 Soldiers Injured in Grenade Attack

Via The Telegraph: A protester was killed and seven US soldiers were wounded in a grenade attack on their base in a sixth day of anti-American protests on Sunday, police said, as President Hamid Karzai called for calm. . . Time to bring the troops home. . . — Greg Pollowitz The Feed