June 24, 2019

New Poll: Nowhere Near 90% of Americans Angry the Gun Bill Failed

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Can Michelle Obama’s Media Blitz Erase Her ‘Angry Black Woman’ Image?

While the GOP is preoccupied with selecting a candidate to oppose incumbent Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama is working hard to erase her image as an “angry Black woman” and promote her husband’s re-election campaign along the way. While she is hoping that a series of television appearances will cement the unmarried mom and […]

“Angry” Romney?

AmSpecBlog By Aaron Goldstein on 8.26.11 @ 12:42PM Well, a prominent ally of the Obama campaign did say they were going to “kill” Mitt Romney. Exhibit A: Mitt Romney is an Angry, White Male. Or at least that’s what Mediaite says. Their headline reads, “‘Angry’ Mitt Romney ‘Loses His Cool’ With Voter at New Hampshire […]