May 25, 2020

Occupy Wall Street Goes After Team Obama

Via Marathon Pundit: Target: Penny Pritzker. What did the president think? That he could start this class war and not have it turn on his billionaires? — Greg Pollowitz The Feed

UK judge nixes ‘Lady Goo Goo’ after Gaga lawsuit

FILE – In this July 4, 2011 file photo, singer Lady Gaga attends a news conference in Taipei, Taiwan to promote her new album LONDON (AP) — Pop star Lady Gaga has won an injunction stopping the makers of an online children’s game from promoting an animated character called Lady Goo Goo. British company Mind […]

Clarice’s Pieces: Ten Years After 9/11

It’s the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and an appropriate time for people to recall where they were on that day and how they reacted.  I don’t really need an annual reminder though.  The day is so much a part of me that I still often dream that I am in the World Trade […]

9/11 Vigil at Lower Manhattan High School Approved After All

AmSpecBlog By John Tabin on 9.6.11 @ 8:00PM Some good news: Thanks to the intervention of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, alumni of Stuyvesant High School who were at the Lower Manhattan school on 9/11 will be able to hold their 10th anniversary vigil at the school. As discussed in this space Friday, bizarre and […]