April 12, 2021

Will the internet help Obama

During the last election we were told the internet and the use of social networking delivered many votes for Obama. Will this be the case this time around will we see an mobile app developer give us an Obama app that provides location of polling areas and precinct locations? I am tired of the static add located on ABC Yahoo all the time. Will he be creative or will Romney take advantage of computer technology and outsource to a freelance mobile platform to build his own internet and mobile voter base. Will the portable computer that is so indispensable today play a role in delivering the media and the message.

It is my belief that the web has become so vast that no one has an advantage unless he concedes this media by not participating in it or misusing it. Static ads mindless ads such as (who do vote for) are not sufficient. Creative ads focusing on substance are going to work for Romney. Obama has no substance so he will just make it up.

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