September 22, 2019

Federal Government dominates the States

In our Republic the States gave power to the central government. In fact the constitution was ratified by the States. The Federal government has grown so large that they can simply site a federal administrative edict (never voted on ) and tell an entity in the state to comply. I maintain the the executive Branch now has all the power it needs to be a dictatorship. The latest example is to take the budget power away from congress. When you eliminate budgets entirely ( no budget in 5 years ) the only thing left is to argue against a debt ceiling. It appears the executive has reached the point where budgets are irrelevant and no restraints will work because the threat of default is on congress and unchecked spending is normal. In essence the federal government can use tax dollars for anything including the distribution of funds to all your support groups that will keep you in power. If this trend continues there will be no way to challenge the power of single party rule. This is what the socialists in Europe and all over the world found out. When the instruments of government are used to further a party’s political / power objective the result is a form of totalitarian system. Imagine trying to undo Obama Care after it started when all the instruments of government will be used to make the people pay the bill. Guess what the people will pay the bills or else. Remember the alternatives will be crushed the people will have no choice. I can foresee a day when taxes in one form or another will consume  50 percent of income. Remember a tyrant can spend your money any way he wants including destroying the opposition.