January 24, 2021

Democrats and the Bird feeder

When a bird feeder is placed in your back yard it is done to attract birds and assist in their effort to find feed. Prior to this the birds were doing quite well on their own. Now we have a political party that thinks bird feeders are essential, birds can not do without a bird feeder in the future. Now lets make laws to force everyone to place bird feeders around the property. Lets make more laws about the type of bird food and the birds that will benefit. Knowing that all these birds are now thankful and will support this party lets expand the program to place 2 bird feeders on every property. Since the supply of bird feed will never run out why limit it to 2 bird feeders, lets make a law and force everyone to fill the bird feeders 2 times a day. If anyone complains about cost then we will force those people with the most bird seed to share it with those who do not have enough. Now there are so many rules about feeding birds that some people are avoiding feeding the birds altogether. But this does not matter since the party has become so successful forcing people to feed birds we will continue to push thisĀ  these programs and it does not matters how much the bird feed costs or what people think about providing these feeders since they forgot that birds used to get along fine without the feeders. After allwho is against feeding those beautiful birds.