June 24, 2019

The First Anti-Paul Attack Ad

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The Spectacle Blog

Once Ron Paul became a top-tier candidate in Iowa, it was only a matter of time before one of his Republican rivals cut an attack ad against him. The newsletters story provided good fodder. So who was the first Republican to launch such an attack? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? The Sorenson-less Michele Bachmann?

If you guessed Jon Huntsman, you are correct. It seems like an odd choice for Huntsman until you think about it: Huntsman is competing for Republican primary voters who are tired of a hyperinterventionist foreign policy but want a candidate less radical (or less conservative) than Paul. Huntsman is also competing with Paul for a top three finish in New Hampshire, where Romney seems to have things sewn up and Huntsman needs a good showing to continue his campaign.

The Spectacle Blog