April 19, 2019

Supreme Court Obama Care What is in store for us now

Obama care is constitutional based on 9 supreme court justices. These individuals are supposed to protect the freedoms that the founders intended. Leftist Judges that support unlimited government have won the day. There a 4 permanent members of this group and everyone knows who appointed them. The swing vote is now squarely on the left. We know now he can be intimidated by an imperial president.

Lets extrapolate what may be in store for us. We have told all businesses that health insurance is the obligation of the individual and if this is not purchase the individual has to pay an ever increasing fine ( tax ). The health care industry is essentially broken since the costs are so high no mere mortal can afford a hospital bill anymore. This is as a result of 3rd party ( insurance companies, government ) payments that pay these costs on behalf of us ordinary folks. Once this industry has determined that everything gets payed without competition, they are no longer limited by any constraints to limit the cost. There is no reason for an enterprising doctor to limit the cost of his service to treat more customers, he simply charges the customers he has more money. This law has done nothing to solve the problem it will make the problem even worse. Insurance will become so expensive most individuals will chose the tax ( fine ) and still be uninsured. If a small business must pay for these costs, it will only be possible if they are in the health care businesses themselves. Other business will probably suffer and cease to exist.

With student loan debt rising ( no jobs to pay for anything )and now the health care mandate; I think its time to buy gold to weather the next great depression.

Written on a Lunchbox Computer, with the help of contactaway.com