January 24, 2021

Socialist Success

Where in the world can one find a success story for socialism. My first thought was Germany since they seem to be the anchor of the European Union but their unemployment rate is still near 8.0%, and debt to GDP is about 80 percent. Under Obama we have reached a record high of 69% and an unemployment rate over 8.0%. It appears under our socialist president we are changing our economy into a European economy. All he has to do is allow gas prices to increase or tax gasoline more to reach a European parity. One really can not compare unemployment figures since these are government figures filled with seasonal distortions by country and politics. The only growth seems to come from China. Here we have a communist country adopting a hands off approach (free market) in various areas of the country to fuel growth. Something that America started and excelled in. The left wing politicians simply do not comprehend the free market. They effort is focused on raising taxes to allow more spending, none of this provides for a growing economy. This will only cripple a vibrant nation.

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