June 25, 2019

Obama Will Claim Romney Will Take Us to War in Tonight’s Debate

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The Spectacle Blog

Quin suggests that Mitt Romney should use the word peace “about 15 or 20 times” in tonight’s debate with President Obama.

That advice might very well help Romney because I predict that a desperate Obama will claim that Romney will take us to war with Iran. At the very least, Obama will claim that only he can keep us out of war. Given that a critical mass of the electorate believe our efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq were all for naught, a war weary public might be amenable to Obama’s argument however demagogic it is.

That is, unless, Romney can convince the electorate that he has no desire to go to war with Iran but Iran is building a nuclear weapon and may wish to use it against us, Israel or one of our other key allies and as long as that is the case then that option must remain on the table as an absolute last resort.

The Spectacle Blog