April 12, 2021

Obama Bib Labor Cost of Business

Socialist like Obama think that all one has to do is fund social welfare programs through taxation. Taxing the rich or taking their wealth was the accomplishment of Lenin. Communism is for equal outcome at every level. The only exception is the party, they pay themselves very well. The question remains, how does this system advance society? It does not. Here in the United States a Free Market system has been created and allowed to flourish, but it is under attack. By raising taxes and growing government a general shift to pay for more government is slowing advancing. The most clandestine method to grow government and and its control is to institute a health care law that adds higher cost to ordinary labor. What is the real minimum wage if health care is added into the cost. I predict that the US exorbitant labor cost will send even more jobs out of the economy. Minimum wage Laws are nothing more than Business Labor laws that end up loosing jobs all across the board. Now lets add high health care costs to the mix. Soon it will be very risky to start a new venture unless one can circumvent government dictates. A solution may be to form partnerships hire no employees.


(written on my Lunchbox computer)