May 25, 2020

Mona Charen Gets it Right on Cain and Conservative Wagon-Circling

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The Spectacle Blog

I was seriously bothered the other day by the booing at the debate when the moderator asked Herman Cain — firmly but not nastily — about the sexual harassment allegations. Actually, I am always disturbed by audience booing, or any audience outbursts, at debates. I think debate organizers should announce that anybody who cheers, boos, or even ostentatiously applauds, will be escorted from the arena — and then should follow through.

But the booing at this question was particularly disturbing. I have written that I believe Herman Cain’s denials. But really, what self-respecting journalist would FAIL to ask a single question about the biggest news story of the week?

Anyway, Mona Charen, as solid a conservative as there is, explains it all far better than I can. Please read her column. We conservatives can do better than our performance so far.

The Spectacle Blog