April 19, 2019

Minnesota and Massachusetts Say No to Obama’s Insurance Fix

States are considering whether to allow insurers to continue offering current plans that are sold on the individual market and that don’t meet the standards of the health law. The president suggested that fix last week.

The Associated Press: Dayton: No Extension Of Existing Health Coverage
Gov. Mark Dayton announced Monday that Minnesotans will not be able to keep existing insurance coverage under the federal health-care law, despite saying last week that he supported President Obama’s plan to allow it (Condon, 11/19).

MinnPost: Dayton Says Minnesota Will Not Adopt Obamacare ‘Fix’
Gov. Mark Dayton, responding to health insurers’ concerns, said Monday afternoon that Minnesota would not adopt an optional fix for those whose coverage had changed because their plans didn’t comply with the federal health reform law (Nord, 11/18).

The Associated Press: Massachusetts Consumers Cannot Keep Health Plans
Massachusetts’ top insurance official said Monday that the state won’t allow consumers to keep health insurance policies that fall below the minimum requirements of the federal health care law. State Insurance Commissioner Joseph Murphy said in a letter sent Monday to the Obama administration that substandard insurance policies are “virtually non-existent” in Massachusetts because of its first-in-the-nation health care law that took effect in 2007 (LeBlanc, 11/18) . . .

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