August 14, 2020

Media Template

When one examines the news all we see is the template regarding race and how the disadvantaged are being exploited and and abused by Americans. Americans are defined indirectly as the white police, white working class, and successful or rich white Americans. Republicans are at the pinacale of this contempt. I am waiting for one news story where a black man assaults a white police officer and is found responsible for his action. This does not fit the template of the left.
Now that Hillary is running we will hear about race, evil republicans that won’t raise the minimum wage, all the victimization of all groups that are being exploited by Americans.
It is truly sad that we have a president and new presidential candidates that no longer serve Americans but instead serve the party. The most glaring example of this is the dismissal of the oil pipeline which could help all Americans but the Democrat party is in the tank for the environmentalist.