June 25, 2019

Gallup: Romney Debate Win Is the Largest Ever Polled

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The Spectacle Blog

The news continues to roll in. We know Mitt Romney won last week’s debate. We know millions of people watched. But did any of this move the needle?

Apparently, yes. Among registered voters pre-debate, Gallup showed President Obama in the lead, 50-45. After the debate, the numbers tilted back to dead even, 47-47.

Here’s the kicker:

Those who viewed the debate overwhelmingly believe Romney did a better job than Obama, 72% to 20%….¬†¬†Across all of the various debate-reaction polls Gallup has conducted, Romney’s 52-point win is the largest Gallup has measured. The prior largest margin was 42 points for Bill Clinton over George H.W. Bush in the 1992 town hall debate.

Hat tip: The Atlantic.

The Spectacle Blog