June 24, 2019

Democratic Base Continues Attack on Children, Parents in Chicago

Via Chicago Tribune:

Chicago Public School officials and striking teachers resume contract talks this morning with no sign of a breakthrough on key issues separating the two sides and keeping 350,000 students out of school. “There has not been as much movement as we would hope. There’s been — let’s put it this way — centimeters and we’re still kilometers apart,” Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said during a late afternoon break in talks Tuesday. Much of the day was spent going over how teachers would be evaluated and, according to Lewis, while the two sides may have nudged slightly closer, it’s an issue unlikely to be resolved soon. . .

Think about the cost to the parents over all this. It’s incomprehensibly irresponsible and the next offer to the teachers should be, “get back to work or you’re fired.” — Greg Pollowitz

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