June 24, 2019

Craig Silverman: Romney Laps Obama in Comedy

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The Spectacle Blog

My friend Craig Silverman, former Obama voter and now member of Colorado Jews for Romney (along with me and quite a few others, believe it or not), has an interesting take on the impact on Jewish voters of Romney’s excellently funny and heartfelt performance at Thursday’s Al Smith dinner.

I’d say the more important question, with a likely similar answer to that suggested by Craig regarding Jews, is the impact of Romney’s humor on women. The question is whether any suburban undecided women voters actually saw Romney’s skewering of President Obama. The better Romney did, the less likely any “mainstream” media outlet would play a clip.

Craig’s article for Breitbart.com is HERE.

And here’s Romney’s performance:

If you’re interested, here’s Barack Obama at the same event. I defy even a Democrat to say honestly that he came across as well as Romney. Obama was less funny, more overtly political, and he just can’t help letting his narcissism show through:

The Spectacle Blog