February 26, 2020

Combat the Left with your dollar

Were is it written that conservatives always have to fair and cordial while the leftists are in you face and demanding everything from your private property to your thoughts about religion, race, and more. It may be time to counter these destructive tendencies and protect our civil society. Lets use the power of our spending and combined purchasing power. When one has a credible and equal choice, purchase from a conservative and not a liberal. This process can be applied to individuals as well as corporations. Why do business with with the very people that want to destroy our civil society. For example why do business with NBC and similar networks, that distort the truth to forward a left wing agenda. Why pay the money to further their efforts. It is not difficult to determine the political inclinations of large media corporations, Perhaps it is time to determine other groups or companies that exist to destroy our society. Once you make these determinations why give them your hard earned money.