October 31, 2020

Blind Dissident Chen to Obama, Hillary: Help!!!

Via BBC:

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng says he has been unable to meet US officials to discuss his desire to leave the country. The blind activist, in hospital in Beijing, told the BBC he believed Chinese officials were preventing US envoys from visiting him on Thursday. After he escaped house arrest last week, Mr Chen spent six days in the US embassy before emerging on Wednesday. The issue continues to overshadow key talks between the US and China. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Beijing to attend talks focusing on North Korea and Syria. As the talks opened, Mrs Clinton did not mention Mr Chen by name but addressed the topic of human rights. . .

So, so disgusting on the part of the Obama administration. Basically the wheeled a blind guy, who had just escaped his captors, back into their clutches. — Greg Pollowitz

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