July 12, 2020

Political influence peddling

Political influence peddling is big money and is shaping bad policy. Influence peddling can be seen everywhere but no one is better than elite members of the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton panders for votes and rakes in the influence money from speeches to book sales. As an example Obama uses book sales to collect money […]

Debate Moderator

Why not demand a Rush Limbaugh or a Mark Levin to ask some debate questions at the Democrat debate with Hillary and Bernie. This is the essence of what we are witnessing with the Republican debate. These Democrat operatives get their marching orders from the White House and try to destroy every conservative.

Democrat Party Media

After coming to the United States from East Berlin, I am beginning to see a disturbing similarity between The news in a communist dictatorship and our US media. The communist Party controlled the news in east Germany. When turning on the news you would see patriotic positive reviews of the dictatorship with no negatives There […]

Trump vs the political class

The Donald has a big ego this is why some individuals actually dislike him, but what is the alternative ? The savvy republican politicians are making no impact on the destruction of our civil society by the democrats. The very thing that makes us Americans is being corrupted. I hope he continues on his path […]

Democrats resemble Soviet Communists more and more

Todays Democratic Party resembles the Soviet Communist Party in manny ways. They both control the media either diredtly or indirectly through releasing scripted news. Control the instroments of government to destroy your oponents. Follow policies that promote the state at the expense of the individual. this can be seen with the current tax code and […]

True Intention

The true intention of the Obama administration was evident during a teleprompter speech where our economy was fine statement. It is government jobs that need to be created not private sector jobs (they are doing fine). It is a continuing effort to plunder the private sector to pay for government jobs. Lets just build a […]

ABC News in the tank

Obama just announced that he wants Gay marriage approved by law. ABC indicates that this will have little effect in the battle ground States since Obama is doing so well in his reelection bid. Always a positive spin. It is my contention that these media monopolies declare that they are for the democratic party nation […]

Thr rich get in debt as well

Nochi Dankner and Yitzhak Tshuva are in advanced talks on a debt settlement for his or her planned Plaza casino and hotel project in Las Vegas. The syndicate that financed the acquisition of the land for his or her grandiose project, that has never gotten off the bottom, embody 3 Israeli monetary institutions: Harel Insurance […]

News article manipulation

I visited the Yahoo ABC news connection and read an unfavorable jobs report. This report provided numbers of unemployed in this economy. It only took one hour and the story disappeared from the web replaced by one showing the number of jobs obama created. Is this going to be common? has anyone else observed the […]

Obama is the Man

He managed to get a job for an unemployed engineer and ABC is making a big deal out of this. When will this charade end ? Is the media and this administration so desperate that this insignificant act warrants national news? Yes, because this monumental leftist failure is up for reelection.