June 22, 2021

Liberal Message

I have been watching the campaign of Governor Corbitt in Pennsylvania. There is nothing positive about his message. His message is that he spent more on education than prior Governors. Also he claims Tom Wolf’s message that he spent less is a lie. As a conservative this message has no appeal. Is this an attempt […]

Democrats and the Bird feeder

When a bird feeder is placed in your back yard it is done to attract birds and assist in their effort to find feed. Prior to this the birds were doing quite well on their own. Now we have a political party that thinks bird feeders are essential, birds can not do without a bird […]

There must be a demand to identify Obama spending

The house of representatives is in the control of republicans. Due to a real weakness in the leadership, the country will not be able to determine the amount of unnecessary spending conducted by this administration. Why do we have such weak leadership after the resounding wins in 2010. I just hope Mitt Romney attacks Obama […]

Will the internet help Obama

During the last election we were told the internet and the use of social networking delivered many votes for Obama. Will this be the case this time around will we see an mobile app developer give us an Obama app that provides location of polling areas and precinct locations? I am tired of the static […]

Socialist Success

Where in the world can one find a success story for socialism. My first thought was Germany since they seem to be the anchor of the European Union but their unemployment rate is still near 8.0%, and debt to GDP is about 80 percent. Under Obama we have reached a record high of 69% and […]

News article manipulation

I visited the Yahoo ABC news connection and read an unfavorable jobs report. This report provided numbers of unemployed in this economy. It only took one hour and the story disappeared from the web replaced by one showing the number of jobs obama created. Is this going to be common? has anyone else observed the […]