September 22, 2019

Supreme Court Obama Care What is in store for us now

Obama care is constitutional based on 9 supreme court justices. These individuals are supposed to protect the freedoms that the founders intended. Leftist Judges that support unlimited government have won the day. There a 4 permanent members of this group and everyone knows who appointed them. The swing vote is now squarely on the left. […]

Unintended Consequences

This article explains how good intentions implemented by the left cause the destruction of the very endeavor they are trying to bring to American Utopia. We already have experience with government intervention in the medical field. By having a third party pay for normal medical care. The price for those services will sky rocket out […]

True Intention

The true intention of the Obama administration was evident during a teleprompter speech where our economy was fine statement. It is government jobs that need to be created not private sector jobs (they are doing fine). It is a continuing effort to plunder the private sector to pay for government jobs. Lets just build a […]

There must be a demand to identify Obama spending

The house of representatives is in the control of republicans. Due to a real weakness in the leadership, the country will not be able to determine the amount of unnecessary spending conducted by this administration. Why do we have such weak leadership after the resounding wins in 2010. I just hope Mitt Romney attacks Obama […]

Socialist Success

Where in the world can one find a success story for socialism. My first thought was Germany since they seem to be the anchor of the European Union but their unemployment rate is still near 8.0%, and debt to GDP is about 80 percent. Under Obama we have reached a record high of 69% and […]

We are in a recovery

President Obama is touting his recovery. If this great recovery does not continue it will be Congress that takes the blame. Even though Congress has given him everything he wants. This lame Boehner (the republican speaker) is playing right along. When will these guys in Congress get the spine to stand up to this Fraud.

Hong Kong

A few years ago The communist Chinese government took back their territory of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was built on the free enterprise model. The Chinese knew not to dabble and undo a successful economy. Since free enterprise works, lets copy it. The Obama administration is telling us the capitalism and the free market does […]