June 22, 2021

children of the Ukraine

Please see the below article from Town Hall: Children of the Ukraine _______________________________________ And now, in closing: How Trump sleeps at night Hope you enjoy the article.

American Voters

I wonder what would happen if the Democrats found out that they could win an election with white american votes. They are convinced that California is the model for their success and minority votes are all that matters. Donald Trump has shown that there are a majority of Americans that a fed up with the […]

Hillary has to payback

Hillary has to payback her influence peddling for her time in government. This is what happens when individuals with low moral standards get power. The underlying principal of government is adherence to a moral code that is above established laws, one can easily follow the laws that you agree with, and circumvent those that stand […]

Democrats know how to use Language

Since Democrats control the Media they also control the language. Here is an example; Global warming should be called Global Cooling. Affordable care should be called unaffordable care. Net neutrality should be called net bias. Say one thing but mean something else. This is all an effort to hide the truth and be responsible for […]

GOP Backbone

It seems the GOP has lost it footing. I see no effort to push back against the democrats. It appears that there is a mad rush to go to the center, thinking they can win an election with this timid approach, but it is the conservatives that put them in power not the independents. For […]

Obama’s world view

Obama is an internationalist. He also vanquished the terrorists around the globe therefore a prisoner trade for a vanquished effort is a good deal. The only organization that I have to answer to is the UN and they would agree with me on this effort. The American people play no role in this. After all […]

When Will he take responsibility

When will this president ( Barack Hussein Obama ) take responsibility for anything his cabinet and appointments have done.

Federal Government dominates the States

In our Republic the States gave power to the central government. In fact the constitution was ratified by the States. The Federal government has grown so large that they can simply site a federal administrative edict (never voted on ) and tell an entity in the state to comply. I maintain the the executive Branch […]

Guns in the Home: Do They Really Lead to More Crime?

In the wake of the recent mass terror attacks in Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut, gun control has quickly returned to the public eye as one of the most polarizing political and social issues in America. But is regulating the sale and ownership of firearms really the solution to the “gun violence” problem?” Here’s what […]

Democrats and the Bird feeder

When a bird feeder is placed in your back yard it is done to attract birds and assist in their effort to find feed. Prior to this the birds were doing quite well on their own. Now we have a political party that thinks bird feeders are essential, birds can not do without a bird […]