June 22, 2021

Democrats and the Bird feeder

When a bird feeder is placed in your back yard it is done to attract birds and assist in their effort to find feed. Prior to this the birds were doing quite well on their own. Now we have a political party that thinks bird feeders are essential, birds can not do without a bird […]

There must be a demand to identify Obama spending

The house of representatives is in the control of republicans. Due to a real weakness in the leadership, the country will not be able to determine the amount of unnecessary spending conducted by this administration. Why do we have such weak leadership after the resounding wins in 2010. I just hope Mitt Romney attacks Obama […]

Hong Kong

A few years ago The communist Chinese government took back their territory of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was built on the free enterprise model. The Chinese knew not to dabble and undo a successful economy. Since free enterprise works, lets copy it. The Obama administration is telling us the capitalism and the free market does […]

Right Wing Talk Launches

Hello and welcome to right wing talk. Thank you for visiting our website. We are starting to iron out the website and make changes to the content and look of the website in the coming months. We hope you enjoy our website and we welcome and feedback and conversation you would like to add about […]