May 25, 2020

American Voters

I wonder what would happen if the Democrats found out that they could win an election with white american votes. They are convinced that California is the model for their success and minority votes are all that matters. Donald Trump has shown that there are a majority of Americans that a fed up with the […]

Democrats know how to use Language

Since Democrats control the Media they also control the language. Here is an example; Global warming should be called Global Cooling. Affordable care should be called unaffordable care. Net neutrality should be called net bias. Say one thing but mean something else. This is all an effort to hide the truth and be responsible for […]

Click here to discuss Obama and the teleprompter

Is the use of a teleprompter a sign of intelligence ? Lets discuss ! this link will give one example (Obama at an elementary school) Conan shows us his take on NO teleprompter In order to comment click on the heading (right wing talk discussion) you will see other comments and add your own.

Discussion about Voter ID

Why are the democrats so opposed to voter ID laws ? Are organizations, such as Achorn formed to abuse voter registration. It basically means that citizenship is under assault by making real votes less valueable.