June 22, 2021

Mike Lindell

An explanation how the democrats stole a landslide election. It also shows how likely it was that this has been going on for years. go to this link to find the truth https://michaeljlindell.com/ Censorship is now at an all time high. They want us to believe an old dementia patient was chosen by a majority […]


9 minutes of information that is well worth it

leftist start at elementary school

The Left must hate this countrycorruption of our children

Against the Will of the Americans

This upcoming executive action has to be seen in its true nature. When the Democrats govern it is at the expense of the American people not for the people of this country. Every decision is not about what is good for this country but what is good for the democratic party. They want to gain […]

Remember The Contract with America

There seems to be a lack of confidence by the republican party. The contract with America showed that a solid conservative message works. Conservatives outnumber the leftist by a large margin why not provide a positive distinction and promote your Ideas? The present format of cowering to every politically Correct agenda spells doom for the […]