August 14, 2020

Biden Ukraine

Exposed Biden Lets see if he and his handlers can make it go away like everything else. Biden Ukraine … [Read More...]


9 minutes of information that is well worth it … [Read More...]

St floyd

This short essay is so well-written that it holds my attention in awe! I saw King Andy on the 'news' last night when he referred to the tearing down of statues of our past presidents as an act of "LOVE". This is the same Governor who forced virus contaminated people from hospitals into nursing homes in NYS, thereby infecting and causing the death of about 6,000 residents - prematurely! I'm neither equipped nor ready to fight in our streets for justice, so I send messages such as this on to … [Read More...]

children of the Ukraine

Please see the below article from Town Hall: Children of the Ukraine _______________________________________ And now, in closing: How Trump sleeps at night Hope you enjoy the article. … [Read More...]

leftist start at elementary school

The Left must hate this countrycorruption of our children … [Read More...]