November 27, 2014

Against the Will of the Americans

This upcoming executive action has to be seen in its true nature. When the Democrats govern it is at the expense of the American people not for the people of this country. Every decision is not about what is good for this country but what is good for the democratic party. They want to gain power from their policy decisions in this case illegal aliens will become future democrats and potentially turn border states into Democratic States. This has already happened in California. Even though they … [Read More...]

Remember The Contract with America

There seems to be a lack of confidence by the republican party. The contract with America showed that a solid conservative message works. Conservatives outnumber the leftist by a large margin why not provide a positive distinction and promote your Ideas? The present format of cowering to every politically Correct agenda spells doom for the party. One does not win when showing fear. I hope someone comes forward and shows strength of character with a clear conservative message. He will get my … [Read More...]

Liberal Message

I have been watching the campaign of Governor Corbitt in Pennsylvania. There is nothing positive about his message. His message is that he spent more on education than prior Governors. Also he claims Tom Wolf's message that he spent less is a lie. As a conservative this message has no appeal. Is this an attempt to garner votes from teachers? The teacher Unions will not support a Republican candidate. There is no attempt to battle these Leftist on substantive issues. The issues that should be … [Read More...]

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud For the foreseeable future democrats own voter fraud. In the states where the justice department is occupied by a democrat liberal such investigations never take place or are deliberately blocked. This gives the green light to more fraud. As a voter in a national election a vote is simply washed away by democratic districts with record participation voting for the left wing candidate. If a Republican party official goes to monitor a precinct they are intimidated and chased away. … [Read More...]


Private insurers are being forced to charge more for health care premiums because they can no longer offer products based on consumer needs. The policies are so regulated that a company offering these policies could go out of business. Each policy is now regulated to include politically correct components that the democratic party insists on such as coverage for preexisting conditions. Payment for contraceptives and much more driving the price to the breaking point. This results in millions of … [Read More...]