October 24, 2016

What is going on with this media

I am confused; a president goes on network TV and Lies about a 400 million dollar ransom payment. He shows no concern about flood victims stays on vacation. Shows up late and gives a teleprompter photo opportunity. I recently let checked his approval numbers and they are basically unchanged. Am I living in the same reality as the rest of America? Could it be that the entire news media is controlled by democrats and the truth be damned. Am I to believe anything cumming out of that TV. I see polls … [Read More...]

Donald J Trump

Thank you Donald. Finally a real American candidate. I do not know what these other candidates should call themselves. … [Read More...]

Lunacy and reality

The Left and Obama are in full offensive trying to gain advantage from the Orlando shooting. Take away Guns is one answer. The Mayor wants hate crime legislation. The usual dribble from these incompetent Politicians. When will we get a competent and smart person to undo all of this. When I turned on the news it took hours to reveal the suspects name and circumstance. These weakling news reporters probably checked with the white house before telling the American people the truth. We are in a … [Read More...]

All white people are racist

This is the new media narrative. When Democrats pander to all race groups the republicans fall prey to attacks real or justified to race. In the democratic party one can be a true racist as long as you do not reveal it honestly. The race card is used to attack any conservative. Remember the context of any question. If any portion of that answer has to do with race, a conservative is lost. Donald Trump was asked if a Mexican judge would give him a unbiased or fair treatment in a case and he said … [Read More...]

Lies then Fraud

A video released by ABC shows Donald Trump in an ISIS recruiting segment. Everybody raise their hands if you think Hillary is not behind this release. Donald should spend some money and totally discredit ABC Democratic party news. To cover up a lie these Democrats will do anything. Just Like the 30000 erased emails. This released ABC video was probably not reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy. The only objective is to protect Hillary. I bet if Donald Takes the initiative he can bring these liars … [Read More...]