December 16, 2017

Lies then Fraud

A video released by ABC shows Donald Trump in an ISIS recruiting segment. Everybody raise their hands if you think Hillary is not behind this release. Donald should spend some money and totally discredit ABC Democratic party news. To cover up a lie these Democrats will do anything. Just Like the 30000 erased emails. This released ABC video was probably not reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy. The only objective is to protect Hillary. I bet if Donald Takes the initiative he can bring these liars … [Read More...]

Political influence peddling

Political influence peddling is big money and is shaping bad policy. Influence peddling can be seen everywhere but no one is better than elite members of the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton panders for votes and rakes in the influence money from speeches to book sales. As an example Obama uses book sales to collect money from donors. There always seems to be an angle, I think none of this is good for the United States. This is a form of corruption that will take away the government from the … [Read More...]

Debate Moderator

Why not demand a Rush Limbaugh or a Mark Levin to ask some debate questions at the Democrat debate with Hillary and Bernie. This is the essence of what we are witnessing with the Republican debate. These Democrat operatives get their marching orders from the White House and try to destroy every conservative. … [Read More...]

Democrat Party Media

After coming to the United States from East Berlin, I am beginning to see a disturbing similarity between The news in a communist dictatorship and our US media. The communist Party controlled the news in east Germany. When turning on the news you would see patriotic positive reviews of the dictatorship with no negatives There was no crime reported, therefore there was no crime or even crime statistics that only happens in the west. When turning on the east German TV one would see communist flags … [Read More...]

Trump vs the political class

The Donald has a big ego this is why some individuals actually dislike him, but what is the alternative ? The savvy republican politicians are making no impact on the destruction of our civil society by the democrats. The very thing that makes us Americans is being corrupted. I hope he continues on his path because it will be a win; if he wins he has to deal with worthless establishment types like McConnel and Boehner They have done nothing after 2 overwhelming victories. They are afraid of … [Read More...]