October 21, 2019

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo: Only in America Are Citizens ‘Racists’ and ‘Nazis,’ But Illegal Aliens ‘Dreamers’ I think he is right on but he does not realize that we are up against a cult like party which has the objective to control everything in the quest for power. … [Read More...]

Hide the corrution

The best way to hide democratic corruption is to attack the other side. We have seen this tactic through the years. We also know this activity is totally believable, since misinformation and defamation of character is how the democrats win elections. It did not win against Trump, but the idea will be employed over and over again. I am getting tiered of the mess that they create and then blame others for their failure. Show me an example of one success that the democrats have made. The only … [Read More...]

American Voters

I wonder what would happen if the Democrats found out that they could win an election with white american votes. They are convinced that California is the model for their success and minority votes are all that matters. Donald Trump has shown that there are a majority of Americans that a fed up with the progressives and want no part of their agenda. The deep State (Obama Loyalist) will carry on no matter who is the new president. This is why they have to be exposed. … [Read More...]

Lies then Fraud

A video released by ABC shows Donald Trump in an ISIS recruiting segment. Everybody raise their hands if you think Hillary is not behind this release. Donald should spend some money and totally discredit ABC Democratic party news. To cover up a lie these Democrats will do anything. Just Like the 30000 erased emails. This released ABC video was probably not reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy. The only objective is to protect Hillary. I bet if Donald Takes the initiative he can bring these liars … [Read More...]

Political influence peddling

Political influence peddling is big money and is shaping bad policy. Influence peddling can be seen everywhere but no one is better than elite members of the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton panders for votes and rakes in the influence money from speeches to book sales. As an example Obama uses book sales to collect money from donors. There always seems to be an angle, I think none of this is good for the United States. This is a form of corruption that will take away the government from the … [Read More...]