November 26, 2015

Debate Moderator

Why not demand a Rush Limbaugh or a Mark Levin to ask some debate questions at the Democrat debate with Hillary and Bernie. This is the essence of what we are witnessing with the Republican debate. These Democrat operatives get their marching orders from the White House and try to destroy every conservative. … [Read More...]

Democrat Party Media

After coming to the United States from East Berlin, I am beginning to see a disturbing similarity between The news in a communist dictatorship and our US media. The communist Party controlled the news in east Germany. When turning on the news you would see patriotic positive reviews of the dictatorship with no negatives There was no crime reported, therefore there was no crime or even crime statistics that only happens in the west. When turning on the east German TV one would see communist flags … [Read More...]

Trump vs the political class

The Donald has a big ego this is why some individuals actually dislike him, but what is the alternative ? The savvy republican politicians are making no impact on the destruction of our civil society by the democrats. The very thing that makes us Americans is being corrupted. I hope he continues on his path because it will be a win; if he wins he has to deal with worthless establishment types like McConnel and Boehner They have done nothing after 2 overwhelming victories. They are afraid of … [Read More...]

Can Trump survive the media

The media is directing the debate away from issues and toward sensationalism. If the debate is changed to the superficial, then the real ideas and problem solving will also have no meaning. We are no longer engaged in the failure of the left, but how and what you say about women or one women matters just as much. I think outrage over the way the democrats have run this country and trumps ability to deal with the media onslaugt makes him the perceived strongest candidate. … [Read More...]

Hillary has to payback

Hillary has to payback her influence peddling for her time in government. This is what happens when individuals with low moral standards get power. The underlying principal of government is adherence to a moral code that is above established laws, one can easily follow the laws that you agree with, and circumvent those that stand in your way to obtain wealth and notoriety. Hillary is guilty on all fronts. She has never paid the price for being self centered and above the law. God help us if … [Read More...]