July 31, 2015

Hillary has to payback

Hillary has to payback her influence peddling for her time in government. This is what happens when individuals with low moral standards get power. The underlying principal of government is adherence to a moral code that is above established laws, one can easily follow the laws that you agree with, and circumvent those that stand in your way to obtain wealth and notoriety. Hillary is guilty on all fronts. She has never paid the price for being self centered and above the law. God help us if … [Read More...]

Media Template

When one examines the news all we see is the template regarding race and how the disadvantaged are being exploited and and abused by Americans. Americans are defined indirectly as the white police, white working class, and successful or rich white Americans. Republicans are at the pinacale of this contempt. I am waiting for one news story where a black man assaults a white police officer and is found responsible for his action. This does not fit the template of the left. Now that Hillary is … [Read More...]

Democrats know how to use Language

Since Democrats control the Media they also control the language. Here is an example; Global warming should be called Global Cooling. Affordable care should be called unaffordable care. Net neutrality should be called net bias. Say one thing but mean something else. This is all an effort to hide the truth and be responsible for nothing while gaining more power. … [Read More...]

GOP Backbone

It seems the GOP has lost it footing. I see no effort to push back against the democrats. It appears that there is a mad rush to go to the center, thinking they can win an election with this timid approach, but it is the conservatives that put them in power not the independents. For their effort the want this administration's power to be controlled not expanded with unlimited spending and executive branch regulations. On the surface we are unable to affect change using elections, only the … [Read More...]

Obama Victory Tour

Obama is taking a three city recovery tour touting his economic recovery. In the mean time large retailers such as sears are closing stores. This is only the beginning. Small business is the big looser under his administration. Look at the strip malls around this country and you see the real recovery. Just because the stock market has rebounded this does not mean America has. Time will tell if America has really recovered. The media and the Democrat politicians try to hide the truth in any way … [Read More...]